The rebelloin of Lance Part 1

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Spasms of pain shot through Lances leg as he dodged through the field of boulders. Suddenly a boulder shattered beside him. Slivers of rocks rained down on top of Lance. He jumped behind an unusually large and smooth rock and sat down it treat his leg. There was a huge bloody gash on his leg. It was a gash yet it didn't hurt much and shouldn't cause the spasms of pain. As Lance wondered about his leg he noticed a tiny barely visible little dart shaped object. He picked it up and threw it to a side and continued to bandage his leg. Lance could sense the hunters going through the boulders searching for him. Then he heard a sudden crack. Lance turned around and saw a slit on the rock, and then it started to crack apart. The hunters heard it to and saw light get emitted from the cracks, for some reason they started to back away slowly and turned and ran from the rock.

Lance took this rock as dangerous also started creeping away from the rock. Suddenly the rock gave way and exploded into several pieces and in its place was a monster that was a cross of a wolf and a lizard. It had glowing yellow eyes with a semi furry body and a lizard like tail that whipped back and forth like a dogs slowly. Its mouth was filled with 5 rows of teeth. One bite would be deadly, yet somehow its presence calmed Lance. The beast's paws were huge and sharp deadly looking claw stuck out of them. He walked slowly away the monster ignoring the calming feeling. The beast lurched towards Lance landing in front of him. It bared its jaws and mad a menacing growl. Then it charged at...