Religious Discrimination - Muslims

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Claims of religious discrimination are becoming increasingly recognized as an important public policy to address.

In my opinion, religious discrimination can be also described as a harassment of belief evoked by the wrongfulness of different ideas, images, and cultural beliefs. I would also consider it an unfair treatment on the basis of religion.

My research so far has indicated that Education, Employment, and especially the Media are most often highlighted as areas where this kind of discrimination has been experienced.

September 2001 was a hard and painful month for all of us and as we all know it was the result of a deleterious mission established by a group relatively large of Muslim extremists.

Due to the research conducted I have been able to get a better response of the sources people are based on when this kind of discrimination occurs. To most of the people around in USA the terror of living and going through the tragedy that people of September 11 had gone through is just really terrifying.

Their main concern is to save their lives and have a more secure one for their children so what seems enough to them is the fact that the criminals who caused all that to happen were Muslims.

They do not care to know; actually they are completely disinterested to find out which type of Muslims do what and why. According to some of them, "we don't have time to waste on that! We should focus on what can we do to improve it!"

Now, what I think these people do not understand is that if they are really looking forward to a big change then they have to start from the most important and relevant one. I do not think it's fair to the other Muslims to be treated...