"Renaissance Man/Woman" reflective essay connecting the term renaissance man [or woman] to my life, etc.

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I don't know how this would help anyone much, haha, but perhaps the ideas stated will help give ideas for assignments alike to this.

During the Renaissance, the term "Renaissance Man" emerged. It refers to someone who develops all of his talents to the fullest. The term is still used today, but to find someone who puts the effort into shaping those talents. I, myself, have a few abilities that have barely been developed at all, though I have tried.

One of the more prominent abilities I have not developed is social skills. I am a very quiet person, to the point that I avoid new places and sometimes new people as well. For example, every Saturday I accompany a friend to watch him bowl. It's a frightening place to me, due to the loud people and hustle-and-bustle of the place. Everyone there seems to know each other, and that puts me as an outcast as I sit there with nothing to do but sit and watch.

This difference from them brings up severe feelings of self-consciousness and worsen my fear of speaking to them even more.

One of the main reasons I have such problems with speaking to new people is that my Lyme Disease has affected my personality. I portray symptoms of common anxiety, social anxiety, depression and a few others. All of those disorders affect your relationships with other people, mostly in a negative fashion. The one that affects my social abilities, or lack thereof, is the social anxiety. Social anxiety is when you can't help but feel that everyone is paying sole attention to your faults. When I go to watch my friend bowl on Saturdays, feeling like an outcast, I can't help but think that every whisper is about me, every...