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An Author and his Story

Washington Irving was one of the first Americans to make a living with only his pen. The

stories he wrote created important characters such as the headless horsemen and Rip Van

Winkle. His first major achievement to fame was his story, "The Sketch Book of Geoffrey

Crayon". Throughout his life, he has written many successful story but one that stands out would

be his short story, "The Devil and Tom Walker". Washington Irving's life experiences allow the

reader to relate to his story "The Devil and Tom Walker". Although it is one on Washington

Irving's most famous pieces of work and many readers enjoy reading it, critics disagree and has

given it poor reviews yet some believed it was Irving's best work.

Before Washington Irving become successful, he faced many hardships throughout his

life which helped him become the brilliant writing he was. Irving was born on April 3, 1783 in

New York City and was the youngest child. His parents named him after the first president,

George Washington. Even though Irving only received standard education, he enjoyed writing,

reading, and traveling. In 1815, he sailed to England in the attempt to save his family's export

business. Even with Irving's help, the business failed and Irving decided to spend his time as a

full time writer. As a full time writer, he was able to reach his full potential and wrote "The

Sketch Book"; a 32 story collection containing two of Irving's most popular tales, "Rip Van

Winkle" and "A Legend of Sleepy Hollow". He also wrote "Tales of a Traveller" which included

one of his most famous stories, "The Devil and Tom Walker". On November

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28, 1859 , only a few months after writing "George...