Riordan, Quality Improvement Implementation

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Quality Improvement Implementation:Riordan has identified areas where the company needs improvement. In this discussion, Team A will discuss Riordan's quality management process for improvement based on the areas identified and develop an implementation plan. Team A will examine quality tools used for identification and monitoring of process, variability, and why the selected method is the correct method for Riordan.

Steps to Quality Management Process Improvement:The process Team A identified to improve is the raw materials delivery process. The production manager is the customer for this process. Processes are improved by enhancing or redesigning quality way of conducting business. Quality is important to build into the process at the design phase, because afterwards it becomes too late (Deming, 1982, p. 49). The degree of quality deliverable by the process is limited by the process. Extra effort by management and employees working with a set process cannot surpass that process' limits. Thus, the research and design phase has far reaching implications towards customer satisfaction.

The gold standard of materials delivery and inventory management is the just in time (JIT) process (Burrill & Ledolter, 1998, p. 232). Due to the uncertain economic times, companies need to develop total quality control and just-in-time management for internal resource allocation. The general framework is based on the knowledge of the lower level activity within the organization. "In the early 1980's a new concept, known as zero inventories" was introduced to the American manufacturing industry. The "zero inventories" concept was used in transporting materials from the outside vendors directly to the work-in-process area. This "zero inventories" concept saved companies the costs of inspection, stocking, material handling, inventory tracking, and carrying added inventory. The concept is currently known as just-in-time (JIT) inventory. The JIT concept has evolved into the corporate culture to do the process right the first...