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1.0 Introduction

Packaging plays an essential role in contemporary society. It contributes to production, distribution, preservation and so on. In the chapter one, it will explore the function of packaging and its importance in the marketing mix, which is essential to understand the reasons why packaging can promotes the brands and makes the products stand out.

2.0 Defining packaging

2.1 The definition of packaging

Stanton, Etzel and Walker(1994) define a package as "the actual container or wrap". The Worldnet also gives a functional definition of packaging that 'packaging is a wrapped or boxed object, a parcel, a container in which something is packed for storage or transportation. (2003) The "Terms of Environment" provides a more marketing focussed definition of packaging that 'packaging is the wrapping material around a consumer item that services to contain, identify, protect, display, promotion and other wise make the product marketable and keep it clean'. (EPA)

It can be seen clearly that packaging is an outer wrapping of products, which not only protects the product against damage and prevents it from deterioration but also has a deep impact in the communication and promotion with consumers.

2.2 The categories of packaging

According to the Issue Paper (1997), the categories of packaging are divided into three parts:

(a) Primary packaging

Primary packaging can also be regarded as sales packaging. It packages the product as a unit for sale to the consumer.

(b) Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging is a certain number of sale units which are constituted as a group, which helps consumers easily transport the product and allows retailers to display products expediently. It can also be called as grouped packaging. It does not have any impact on the characteristics of products if the packaging is removed from them.

(c) Tertiary packaging

Tertiary packaging is designed to transport...