It's A Wonderful Life

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Many films have been known to affect people on a very deep level. Some films can change the way we think or give us a new perspective on life. Even others are so powerful that they can change people's lives. It's a Wonderful Life does just this. Based on the book "The Greatest Gift" by Philip Van Doren Stern, it was directed by Frank Capra in 1946. Anyone who has seen this movie will tell you that it has had an impact on them, be it big or small. After watching it, people think about their life and can bring about new hope. It has been known that on more than one occasion that people have reconsidered suicide by seeing this movie. Through It's a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra taught people that everyone's existence matters, selflessness is more important than money, and all material objects can be taken away at any minute.

People have seen through It's a Wonderful Life that everyone's existence matters. "In It's a Wonderful Life we have a deeper questioning and testing of values that every man has had to face." 1 This movie addresses the question all of us have asked ourselves one time or another, "What would the world be like without me in it?" People often think about this when they become depressed or down on themselves, like the main character, George Bailey. George contemplates suicide when things go wrong at his bank and he has no choice but to file bankruptcy. After this he feels as if life was insignificant and that it might be better without him in it. However, he gets the chance every one of us dreams about by seeing what the world would be like without him. Everyone ponders over this question because they want to know if...