Schindler's List

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It is imperative that we remember the past in order to know the present. "Schindler's List" not only gives students an excellent insight to what happened during the Holocaust, it also teaches some very important lessons. The movie brings to the surface some of even today's prejudices. Students who view the film cannot but help to take into consideration their own prejudices in the present day.

There are many noteworthy scenes in the movie. In my opinion the scene where the Jews are being thrown from the ghetto to a concentration camp and the little girl in the redress is seen walking around by herself is very significant. The scene portrays the hardships and cruelty that the Jews were put through and also what is to come. The on looking Oscar Schindler begins to understand what is happening around him. Many of the scenes which Goth senselessly kills an innocent human being and thinks nothing of it are greatly significant to the mood of the movie.

The scenes show how ruthless and unconscious the German forces were of what they were doing.

It is extremely difficult to pick and particular scene which has no purpose in the film. So much of what happened throughout the course of the movie was relevant to other parts of the movie. The only scenes I believe do not play a great amount of significance to the entire story is the time when Schindler tells his wife he will never be able to be without another woman. Also the part of the movie when Schindler met with the Jewish businessmen for money to start his company is very irrelevant to the rest of the movie.

Prejudices exist all around us and everyone has their own prejudices. Whether it be directed toward a...