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There have been many major issues dealing with school these days. Some problems haven't always just dealt with school work, teachers, or something relating to those types of things. Some issues have an even bigger impact than those types of problems that schools usually have. One problem that sets a big part and a big controversy over is whether Schools should or should not have a Dress code or school uniforms. There are different opinions between a lot of people and students for this issue and we do not know who is right or wrong. Students should not have a dress code for a numerous amount of reasons.

Students do not think that their behavior will change or has changed in any kind of way there is if they wore or are wearing school uniforms. Wearing school uniforms does not put any type of effect on Students or on teachers and staff.

The only thing that is changing is the clothes they wear. Some students are saying that now all you see is all boys in a dress shirt and pants and all girls in a skirt and a dress shirt. Students say that it is boring seeing everyone wearing the same thing. In one school, some students even noticed that they can't even compliment another student by saying, "I like that piece of clothing." They said that clothing does not have an effect on their learning or anything like that. Students say that they pay attention the same even with students wearing different clothes. One student was asked if they don't pay attention or focus as much if a boy that she liked or had a crush on was wearing something that made him look better, if that would make her focus more on him when a lesson is...