Short story with a twist. Hope you like it.

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Elizabeth stood in her kitchen reading a cookery book while leaning on the work surface. It was a very modern one, light and airy with plenty of room to move about. Chrome everywhere, shimmering and shining, like moonlight on a cold night. All around the kitchen were pots and jars places on shelves that were fixed on to clean white walls. She when to the hob and turned it on to full, then turned to her left and reached down into the back of the cupboard. She groaned as she heaved a heavy chrome pot to the sink. She filled the pot with water, placed it upon the stove. She then spent time carefully making an anniversary meal for herself and her fiancé Freddie.

When Freddie entered the hallway he was greeted by the smell of his favourite meal. Just the smell of it was enough to give him an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He wasn't sure whether it was guilt or not. He had finally decided to tell Elizabeth about Jane his new girlfriend. Did she already know? He thought to himself. How could she? She had never met Jane. There was no way she could have found out.

He entered the kitchen, where Elizabeth greeted him wit a loving kiss.

'You're late!' She scolded playfully as she watched with a subdued air of contentment and pride as he smelt the dinner she was cooking.

'Sit down and I'll dish up.' She said, getting 2 plates out of the cupboard to the right of the stove.

Freddie went to sit down at the table on the other side of the room and waited for Elizabeth to bring his dinner to him. As he waited he ran over in his head what it was he...