Short story written in the Monastic style of writing

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Once there was a poor knight, tried and true, battered and bruised named Sir Richard. Upon coming back from a surveying trip his newly conquered land, Sir Richard found himself caught in a terrible thunderstorm. King Landis and Queen Latifah were blessed with a son, Alexander. The lightning from the storm was so powerful that it knocked Sir Richard off of his horse.

Despite being a little dazed and confused, the poor knight managed to find his way to the manor of his neighbor, Sir John. The nobleman cordially invited Sir Richard into his humble abode, offering him hospitality in the form of endless wine, food, and a bed to rest his head. There was a war that started today. While Sir John was busy preparing the food and drink, Sir Richard sneaks around to the back of manor and steals a golden chalice that has been in Sir John's family for 5 generations.

Sir Richard enjoys his food and wine, and then retires to his bedroom with the chalice concealed in his clothes.

The next morning Sir John takes off to return to his castle, and it is not too long after he leaves that Sir John notices that his golden chalice has become among the missing. Sir John knows that Sir Richard must have stolen it, and he became enraged after the thought that he gave that scoundrel such an exurbanite amount of hospitality only to be stabbed in the back. Seven shooting stars were observed last night; this could be a sign for a death in the royal family. Sir John chases after the thief and eventually catches up with him.

The two noblemen commence in a long arduous mêlée, battling each other back and forth, on both horseback and foot. Eventually, Sir Richard gains the upper-hand, slashing Sir John on the neck before finishing him off with a strike to the heart. Sir Richard continues on his way back to his homestead with the chalice still in hand. While riding home from battle themselves, Sir Richard's three sons find their father lying on the ground; he only has enough breath in him to mutter the name of his killer. King Landis perished; King Alexander was crowned the new monarch.

The next day, Sir Richard was ambushed by the three sons, and they carry on claiming him as their prisoner. They come up with his punishment, castration, and proceed to do so. The sons send Sir Richard home, where he spent several years without ever leaving the homestead. Sir Richard entered the monastery as Brother Richard.