Silent Mill- Part 1

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A dark, gloomy mist flooded the air as I entered the town.

"Its like a ghost town". I said to himself, wondering where everybody was. I stumbled out of my car and peered curiously into a shop window, no one was there. No one was in any of the buildings, "No wonder this town is called Silent Mill". I walked on up the street, noticing that this strange fog that filled the air was getting thicker. My car was now out of sight completely. I walked on past a thick oak tree, this was the only tree in the street and it looked as if some one had recently removed it and then replanted it haphazardly. The roots were all withered and sticking up toward me. I moved on when I heard footsteps, which were quite loud. "Hello" I shouted, waiting for a favorable reply. "Thump, Thump, Thump". The footsteps started again but they started moving much faster as if the person was running.

"Why would they run away" I though to myself is I was left with no clue to who that person might have been. I saw a shadow in the distance running away so I decided to follow it.

Before I knew it I started chasing the shadow as fast as I could, chasing it like a thief at market. I followed it into someone's house, I could hear the person running up the stairs. I was scanning the surroundings for anyone or anything that could help me. As is staggered up the stairs the creaky floorboards creaked and wailed. I was completely out of breath. I notice the roof space door close shut and I heard key turn inside the door locking it and preventing any further access. I remembered as I was going up the...