Sins Of Our Father

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The Sins of Our Father As children grow up, they often inherit their father's lifestyle. Through that inheritance, their father's sins become part of their own life. Parents often think they know what's best for their children and many times, they try to mold their kids into their own images, controlling their child and yet not realizing that what they are doing is not always right. These sins have been bondage over our lives for a very long time, and today, we still have not over come that sin yet. Fences, by August Wilson, uses characterization in the play to show the bondage of that sin over our lives, the desire of wanting to be free from that bondage, by showing the actions and the consequences that were taken in order to gain that freedom.

Troy is the main character in the play Fences. He is an African American. During his earlier years in life, he loved to play baseball. However, he does not get many chances to play in the team because of his race, after he does not like baseball very much, and he regrets the time he spent playing. Years went by, when his son, Cory, grows up and wants to play football on a team. His dad rejects him; he thinks it is not a good thing for his son to go into because of the experience he had during his earlier year in baseball. However, what he does not realize is that times have changed. His son, Cory actually has a better chance of playing football than himself, and by restricting his son from playing; he has removed a good opportunity for his son to better himself in the world.

Lyons, Troy's older son, has a very different relationship with Troy. The play...