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In American society today there are many different types and ways of mate and partner selections. Picking a partner or a mate can depend on a lot of circumstances. There are economic reasons such as power, class and status. Many people today choose their mates by their social economic class and also they tend to prefer someone like themselves in race, age, and education. People are more likely to find a mate who lives nearby, attends the same school, or works for the same company. In the sociological view of mate selection it suggests that male and females choose each other by their biological capacity, to produce and support healthy off springs. Males choose females by their physical features, whereas females look for men that have economic status as well as being able to support their children. "Females in society today choose their partners. By the economic status and class they have.

They want a mate with power, a person that can take care of them and provide for them. Females in other words want a breadwinner husband that can support thir family. Males and females have a different role in society. Back in the days women were subordinate to men, but now females are more in to the the economic system, and there are a lot of changes that has happened after the wars. Females have the role of staying home and taking care of the children, while the men go out and make the money needed for economic survival. Now in America many women are trying to be equal to men in the economic sense. There are more and more women going into the labor force and not staying home. Therefore for choosing a mate now compared to the past it is different. The females expectations will be higher because they now have the opportunity to go out and be educated and find males that are of high economic and social backgrounds. Females back in the day, had no kind of economic status. They had to do what ever their husband told them to do. Their opinions did not matter. When ever their husbands wanted sex there was no choice but to give it to them. The females had barely any education and they could not do anything, but to listen and do what ever their husbands wanted them to do. There were times when women would not want to have sex with their husbands but they had no choice, no power, they were raped and really could not do anything about it. The Men just had all the power over their wives after they were married. It was the females role to stay home and take care of the children and the household. As the wars happened the men were drafted and soon it became more of a female society because they had to take over the males jobs while they were gone off to war. This is the time period when they got to educat themselves. When the long wars ended , the men came back home to wives that were different. This is the period when women started to get in to the economic system. They start to get jobs and start to get a higher education. So now in society females are a lot more educated then they use to be. They are able to select males of class status and with power. They can not be taken advantage of in anyway now. Womens status in this world are just more equal to mens than ever. They have as much right and as much say so as men do. Although women of today have the chance to pick out the right guy they still often times pick outt he wrong person to marry. They jump into relationships and to soon find out that that was the worst mistake of their lives. Heres an example of what happened to one of todays women that gotten in to a wrong relationship. Eventhough she was a working women.

"She looked like you and me. There were no ugly purple welts on her body, no cracked and swollen lips that announced the terrible truth. We see so many women who carry the physical scars of abuse, but not Cara. Oh yes, there was the hollow eyed look, the tired, ragged edge in her voice, but for Cara, we were more concerned with the wounds we could not see.

Her husband often told her she was worthless and never let her handle the money - she even had to turn her own paycheck over to him each week. The car belonged to him; the house was in his name; her name wasn't on any of the bank accounts or credit cards. How would she ever be able to survive alone? Who would teach her how to start over?" Males played a dominent role in selecting their mate in early civilazation however, as time changes, so does the role that females have succesfully overcome females have earned their respect; in the education system, professional fields as well as in the household the term "house wives" have long been exthincted today there are female CEOs, doctors as well as lawyers that protect citizens in the legal system today, their is a sense of equality in are society. Females. do not have to depend on males as they once did decades ago females have cracked that glass ceiling that was once impossible to reach but their is still a long way for males and females to live a equal life. Although females have come a long way from being sex slaves to house wives and now even some becoming business partners. It is still a long ways to becoming the dominent sex in todays society. Males have always had a dominent rol to play in society. They were always the ones that went out to work and brang home the money to feed the family. That was how it worked in the old days. Now that females are more educated and are able to go out and get jobs there are much less housewives out there, and more women in todays labor force. Men now have the chance to pick females that are more educated they have less opportunity to choose females that are uneducated and ones that they can take advantage of. Most men in this society today pick women that are healthy and can take care of their children while they are at work but soon they will have to understand that most women will want to be out in the labor force just like the men does. At times the men will even have to face the fact that their wives are making more money than they are. Or there might even be a men in this society now that stays home while the wife goes out and work. In the society today men are more likely to go out and get jobs that are higher paying because they feel that they should be making more money than their wives. It puts more pressur on them to do so, because they know that in order for females to choose them as a mate they will have to be of high status, have class and a little more power than usual because of the education the females are being able to have.

Females and Males tend to find mates and partners that are of their economic class. They will tend to meet their mates in schools through friends or at work. These are some places where they all need to be equal in some kind of sense in order to be able to meet and socialize. An example of this would be one of my friends meeting her husband in college. If one of them was not in college at that time then they probably wouldn't have met or gotten married. Another example would be with me and my girlfriend. We both work at the same place. Which needs at least a high school diploma. If one of us wouldn't have a high school diploma then we wouldn't have met or have gotten to known one another. Some of the mating and partners depends on physical looks also because some people just go for the looks and really do not care about social status they just want a good looking mate. This is when two people meet at a club where the age is the most important thing. As long as they are over a certain age limit and not over a certain age then they will be able to socialize and get to know the mate they have their eyes set on.

After getting to know one another, and being able to socialize. Then comes in the parts o stratification where who is in control which person has the most economic class, power, and status. Since women of today are more equal to men they can compare themselves in everyway with men, both can state their economic class, power, and status. In a relationship there will always be a person who has a upper hand on one of these forms of stratification. Men will have power over the women if he brings home the money to support the family. As long as he is supporting the family he is the one who has the economic class, power and status of the relationship.