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Good morning everyone. Today I'm going to talk about the concept of perspective. "What we see can't possibly contain or explain all interpretations or realities of our world." Things aren't always what we think they are. It may sound obvious to say aloud, but it's implications run much deeper. One new piece of information, a different lens to look through, or even a new experience can dramatically alter how we view something. Likewise, other people's opinions can have a powerful impact on our own thoughts and feelings

I've chosen two different pieces of related material for the concept of perspective.

Firstly, the short storyNeighbours by Tom Winton is a good example to convey the idea of perspective. This story is about a young newlywed couple who felt alienated, suspicious and like foreigners in their own suburb. Their neighbours were immigrants from different parts of the world with their own traditions and customs.

This story shows their views and expectations on suburban life. Neighbours didn't know each other and couldn't speak to each other because of language barriers. However, after many months of strained relations in the neighbourhood and a series of events, neighbours began helping and acknowledging each other. Wherever possible they offered help even though they couldn't understand each other languages.

Let me refer to paragraph 6 of the story where the Polish widower slid through the fence uninvited and rebuilt the young couple's collapsed henhouse to the young couple's surprise. This was the beginning of a change in their attitude to their neighbours.

This short story tells us how different perspectives can cause misunderstandings, presence varied attitudes and expectations. To convey these differences, the author uses a narrative style. In the opening four paragraphs, the characters, their attitudes and the setting are established. This structure introduces the...