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The Passion The storm is a tale of intense love and feminine sexuality of Calixta and her lover Alcee, who erupted their irresistible passion, which had surged up during the past years. The story involved all together 5 characters, Bobinot, her wife Calixtia, Bibi his four year old son, Alcee (Calixtia's lover), and her wife Clarssee. Kate Chopin deliberately tried to build up curiosity into the reader and ambiguity in the end by revolving the entire story within the time frame of " STORM"�. Everything in the story happened because of, and during the Storm. The story is divided into five sections, firstly the approaching of the storm which restrained Bobinot and his, Calixtia unexpected confront with her lover Alcee and the third, description of Bobinot and Bibi's retreating to home after tidying their clothes articulated their character greatly in the mind of Calixtia. The last two sections emphasize the character's going back to martial responsibilities, disregarding the sudden urge for satisfaction that had erupted.

Kate Chopin idealized the usage of symbolism, Dramatic Situation, and suspense by revealing different moods and excitement of characters at various places in the story and finally breaking the suspense as the raging storm started to abate, untying different mysteries which the she had left unattended.

In the " Storm"� the writer Kate Chopin in order to intensify the character and the mood, uses a great deal of symbolism at various places. Firstly there are two kinds of storm occurring in the story; a real or literal storm and a storm of passion. As far as the literal storm is concerned Chopin from the very first sentence gives us a clue to the approaching of the storm. " The leaves were so still that even Bibi thought it was going to rain"�. " Somber...