Story I did for my assignment, 900 words, and is about a guy who plays Rugby and goes to War, gets a girl and lives on

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Passion of war

A young male in his teen years named Jonobi White, he lived in a small suburb in Sydney called Guildford. Jonobi was a very shy person, he was skinny, but very fast and is a great Rugby Union player. He was one of the finest wingers for under 18?s in Australia, his cabinet had over 100 trophies in it. Jonobi went to a public school called

Chester Hill High, he wasn?t that smart but managed to get decent grades. He had a big brother 3 yrs older then him, and his mum wasn?t a very happy women, she always pressured him and forced him to do things which made Jonobi kind of depressed. But his dad, although they didn?t have a great relationship, his dad supported him and took care of him.

Jonobi was a person who kept to himself and was a lonely person, he thought a lot about things due to the fact that he spend a lot of time alone, he always wondered why he was alive and who was god, and why did god make such a fucked up world.

Jonobi rugby career was pretty awesome, when he was 18 he was granted a contract from the ACT Brumbies one of the best Australian Rugby Clubs, but he had to finish his HSC first.

He got a decent mark in the HSC, and he moved to Canberra where he played with the Brumbies in the Super 12. Jonobi met new people at his new club, the names like George Gregan and Matt Giteau, who he learnt a whole lot of stuff from. Jonobi in his first season of Super 12, was the leading try scorer, and had a terrific season, after the competition he was selected to play on for the Wallabies...