The Struggle between Good and Evil/An essay about Avoiding Homework

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The key to any successful college experience is to avoid doing your homework until the last second. Whether you are busy doing extracurricular activities or going to a social gathering, homework should be the last thing you think about. It is an epidemic among "smart" students to finish their homework, and then go out and have a good time. This is just the opposite of what you should be doing. There are many ways to avoid homework all together.

Social gatherings after school can take up so much time that you simply can't fit homework into your schedule. A popular way to avoid homework is to enroll in as many extracurricular activities as possible. This provides you with an excuse to hang out with friends and also has your parents convinced you are trying to be a diverse and cultured individual. It is not difficult to get into such after school activities.

There are many clubs and organizations around campus that will gladly accept you into their cult...uh..I mean club. The Young Communist League is always accepting new members that are willing to share in their goal of anarchy and chaos. Church functions can also steer you away from homework. How many teachers could say that homework is more important than your faith? Whether you are going door-to-door teaching your faith to the unexpecting, or are participating in a church fundraiser, you are doing the will of God, and that is far more important than the will of your teacher.

After-school jobs are the perfect excuse for avoiding, if not totally discarding, your homework. They provide you with a source of income and convince your parents you are trying to be a more responsible young adult, when in fact you are avoiding the one thing parents stay on your back...