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Dear Mom and Dad, Today in school we received an assignment to write you about Prince George County's Student Code of Conduct. It appears that the student conduct is used to explain the purposed, the philosophy of the code, and warranting disciplinary measures.

The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to provide the student with procedures and guidelines to control their conduct and discipline in Prince George County Public School. The philosophy of the code is each county must have a set rules and regulations that keeps the students disciplined and maintaining order during school. In order for student to learn and understand what they are doing, they have to be in an organized atmosphere, and teachers have to know when to discipline if necessary. When you think about order and discipline, think of it in positive way and not negative. It is the teacher's job to help students adjust with the school environment.

When student don't follow direction there are disciplinary measures. Teachers are patient with students that don't learn as quickly as others, but they don't tolerate students that want to interrupt class (es), while they are in the process of teaching. There are two types of disobedience "Gross Misconduct" disrupting a class in an educational environment and, "Persistent Disobedience" refusing to follow the rules and regulations of the school. When student test the Student Code of Conduct, the following can possibly happen, temporary removal from class (es), short term, long term suspension, or expulsion. This year the principal, teachers, and security are not playing around! The "Code of Conduct" also contains rules and a regulation about fighting, forgery, false report, loitering, cheating, group fight, theft, drugs, weapons and the list goes on. The school board, principal and teacher just want to make...