Suddenly the phone went dead .

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Suddenly the phone went dead ............

Suddenly the phone went dead and it was silent all around me. The only reason I rang her was to ask her if she wanted to come over because I was bored. I tried to ring her again and my phone was fine, so something was wrong at her end. Lots of different thoughts were going through my head and most of them were bad. I knew it wasn't the weather because today seemed unusually different, it was sunny. It was during the day so I didn't think anything too bad had happened because someone would have surely seen. I got my dog Max and put his lead on him and I left the house slamming the door behind me.

It usually only took at the most five minutes to get to Jessica's because she only lived a street away, but today felt like I'd been walking for miles.

Max started pulling as we got closer to her house because he knew exactly where we were going and I started to get shivers up my spine like I always did when something bad was going to happen.

I could hear him panting, trying to hint to me to let go of him like I usually did so he'd get there before me but it was different today, I needed him with me. I finally got there. I stood at the bottom of her path and then decided to walk slowly up. As I got to the front door it was open slightly and there was mud by the letter box like someone had kicked it. Now I was really scared because Jessica's house is always immaculate from top to bottom, even on the outside.

As soon as I walked in, a gush of gas...