The Hounted House

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Chapter 1

Getting Ready

One day in Hartford, Connecticut on All Hollows Eve, 1961 Erin Cogswell was getting her costume ready.

'Mom! Where's my ribbon?' asked Erin.

'Right down next to me. I was making sure it would fit you. Come down and get it!' her mother answered.

Erin's costume is a fifties girl with a poodle skirt, a white long sleeved shirt with a small poodle on the left shoulder, and her long brown hair is in a pony tail. Erin is ten years old. Erin is going to a Haunted House with her 2 best friends, Katie Web and Jenny Eller.

Just then the phone rang 'ring ring'

Erin answered the phone.

'Hello...Oh good, I'm just about ready...all right...good...See you in a few minutes. Bye.'

'Who was it Erin?' her mother asked.

'It was Jenny, she said she and Katie were ready. They will be over in a few minutes!' Erin yelled so her mother could hear her.

'Din dong!' rang the doorbell.

'I'll get it!' yelled Mrs. Cogswell.

'Trick or treat!' Jenny and Katie stated.

'Here's your treat. Come on in, Erin's in her room.'

'Thanks.' Katie said.

'Hi guys!' Erin said before they could reach the door, 'Ready to go trick or treating?'

'You bet!' said Katie, who was a ghost.

'Well, what are we waiting for?' Jenny asked, she was a witch.

They went to 98 houses before they went to the haunted house. They got 5 candies at each house, so they each have 490 candies. The 98th house was their last house except the haunted one which is supposed to be deserted.

Chapter 2

The Fright

They got to the haunted house. They knocked on the door. The door opened all by itself. They got scared. They started walking inside the house. They...