Teen Feelings

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We teenagers are going through a rougher time than the adults think we are. For instance very good friends that are of a different gender become more than a friend to some of us like a girlfriend or boyfriend. The friend you might like might like you or he/she might not like you. This is a bad time for both, because if something goes wrong with their relationship they might lose their friendship. Parents underestimate this because they don't see it through our eyes, if only they could remember this they would know what we're going through. They went through this too; so this isn't new to them, but they forgot these times.

Parents should also understand the interesting qualities that we have. Like us, when they were our age they wanted to be popular and listen to the music that was in style. Just like we do, but they didn't have too much music that said "˜Warning Parent Advisory Explicit Lyrics.'

We are going to hear it anyways because people that turn their car stereo up as loud as it can possibly be with out blowing the speakers.

Of course most teenagers want to be like their friends and dress like what's in style now. They want e-mail, clothes, shoes, and more responsibilities, like dating. Most parents hold their children back until they are 13 or older, but some don't. Some parents think it is a learning experience to date at younger ages. Teenagers are sometimes a problem especially guys. When their hormones kick in, they get to the mood where they want to move out of the house. All teenagers can't wait until they can drive and maybe this is why they get into more wrecks than any other age. It should occur to them that driving isn't...