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TITANIC "" A Review A colourful, exciting and suspense-packed story of the largest and "unsinkable" ship along with her teeming passengers and heroic crew. The mad rush for a berth aboard the debutante Titanic and her ultimate tryst with an iceberg brace so many eventful things between them. The real Titanic (1912) resting deep down on the ocean bed has stirred up the creative ability of James Cameron, the writer-director. It does bring to our mind the aesthetic & poetic response of John Keats to a Grecian urn.

A sweet-seventeen in upper-class with her unctuous and fiercely possessive aristocratic fiancé (Cal Hockley played by Billy Jane) jumps the bond to develop love with a third-class passenger-artist. The mosaic of life on this floating microcosm with its undercurrents "" fun & frolic, antics of snobbery, love & jealousy, adventure & violence - blowing hot and cold over the tossing waves is an absorbing re-creation.

The labyrinthine ways inside the ship and her bellowing engines worked up by a hectic & sweating crew are only to be seen. The ship's plush interior décor and class wooden carvings could be the envy of any billionaire sultan.

The sangfroid of the ship's captain and the self-oblivious performance of the musical band even in the most panicky moments would do any epic saga proud. The "unravished beauty" of the willing heroine Rose DeWitt Butaker (enacted by Kate Winslet) is captured in nude in a Greek spirit by the artist & hero Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio). Yes, sure, our hearts would go for this super-budget thriller which has just one song, "My heart will go on"¦" [Lyric by Will Jennings, Music by James Horner] The breath-taking technical and visual effects conjure up the memories of path-breaking movies like Macanna's Gold. A must see for everyone. See once and you'll cry: "Encore!" Indeed, a magnum opus by Paramount Pictures & Twentieth Century Fox, directed by James Cameron and Russel Carpenter.

Other stars include: Kathy Bates, Francis Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hyde, Victor Garber, David Warner, Danny Nucci, Suzy Amis, Bernard Fox and Bill Panton.

Release on: December 19,1997