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The setting of the begging of the story is Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912. Barry O' Neill is leaving his beloved grandparents' home in Ireland to rejoin his parent in America, traveling by titanic. eve Bunting said, " The Titanic was on her way." And the other setting of the story is titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean, on April 15, 1912, at 2:20A.M.

The main characters of this story are Barry O'Neill, and Pegeen Flynn. Barry is a15 years old boy; he has lived with his grandparents in Ireland. When the ship strikes an iceberg, his ownly thoughts are saving Pegeen. Pegeen Flynn and her brothers are from the same town as Barry, also she is one of the survivors from Titanic and she is in love with barry.

I think the most important conflict in this story is the passengers vs.

the death. i think is the most important conflict, because the main pot of the story id how the passengers survive. Eve Bunting said, "Once he thought he had her, but it was someone else, someone who clung to him, tried to climb on him, over him, pushing him down." that is the example for how the passengers in the ocean to survive. Eve Bunting said, "All those people, floating still, their voices so weak and faint." That is the people who can't save themselves ans getting weak to vs. death.

The resolution of the conflict is the survivors hadnd on tho the lifeboats and wait till the Carpathia came and pick them up. There were 705 saved. the Carpathia was close to where the Titanic had gone down.