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Tragic Many people have different definitions for the word tragic. In order to understand what tragic means one must first look at the meaning of the word "tragedy". To me, a tragedy is an event or action that is uncalled for, unexpected, and changes the way in which people function, live their lives, or even think. I believe a tragedy has an outcome in which everyone is shocked, sad, scared, or even dismayed. Understanding what a tragedy is helps one to understand and come up with a definition for tragic.

A tragic event is shocking and catastrophic. For instance, the September 11th event was extremely tragic to the whole nation. It left us in a state of shock, sadness, and fear. A tragedy does not always have to be bad or feared. The 9/11 incident was a life-changing event for many. People felt hopeless because of these actions.

This event may have hurt us severely, but actually it made our nation stronger. Another tragic event that happened recently was my dad's diagnosis of cancer. When I found out about this, I was devastated, scared, and angry all at once. As time went by and the more I researched what my dad was planning to do, the more hope I had toward his fight of this disease. This disease has brought my family and me closer than we ever have before. Another positive outcome of this situation is my dad finding God in his life. He has truly given his life to God and fighting this battle as hard as he can.

Events that are tragic may seem terrible at first, but one can overcome the "tragedy" and find some good out of the situation. No matter how one defines tragedy, it does not always have to be so dreadful.