Trick Or Treat.

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Trick Or Treat

A blood curdling scream filled the room as a body fell through the doorway. Josh looked up, glad that he had made such an impression on the girls. He began laughing, while the girls looked at him and berated him for playing such an awful joke.

Halloween was coming up and all the kids were getting exited, making their costumes. Josh, Corey, and Melvin were all in the 7th grade at St Jeffrey's Primary School. At school they were planning their costumes and what they were going to need for them. Melvin had planned to be a ghost, Corey was going to be a murderer, and Josh was going to be an evil clown or a murder victim!

The class settled back down as the teacher entered the room and began busily adding the finishing touches to their costumes. It was Halloween that night and there was an excited buzz amongst the students all day, as they discussed where they were going and the type of tricks that they had in mind for those people that chose tricks rather than treats.

Josh, Corey and Melvin left school that afternoon, talking excitedly about the pranks they were going to play. Just before dark, they met at Corey's house, put on their costumes, picked up their bags, grabbed their eggs and were ready to go.

They then walked to each house in Corey's street, and mainly received treats from all the neighbours. They went into every street and trick or treated in their terrifying costumes. Their costumes were so scary that when little kids answered the door, they began to scream and cry in fright!

It was about ten pm and they had been trick or treating for three hours, when they decided it was time to go...