A Creative Writing Poem Modeled after Langston Hughes' "Theme for English B"

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A Model Poem of "Theme for English B"

This poem I will begin, a sonnet for all

One that won't be remembered

Yet I will strive anyway, to give my best

So that you may all enjoy my poem

And I will pass the test.

My name is William, or Bill for short

Born in Maryland was I

Throughout the years life was passed

The seasons passing like minutes

From spring to winter to spring once more

Watched myself grow and flourish

Into something always greater than before

College was a new frontier

A new battleground I found myself forced upon

Outstanding odds I now faced

A lone samurai defending his village

Life for me stays busy and full

Two jobs, school, and life

The first two are a breeze

Life is the tricky one

My passions are for cars, reading, and travel

My life is filled with all sorts of examples

It used to be nothing but all work and no play

I was a sad teddy bear with no one to hug

And it was never an exciting day

This all changed on All Hallows Eve

A night for the ghouls and ghosts

One left for trick & treat and costumes

And causing mischief to unknown hosts

The story of my life in a rhythmic form

I will now leave off at here

Who knows what will come ahead for me

And change the trodden path in front

For I know not, nor do I care as long as I have goals I will not rest

Life for me is ever changing

As whatever happens is for the best.