Twisted Karma

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In an old spooky house there was an old woman who was waiting for her son to come back from the army. The house was in pretty bad condition; people could see the horseback brown woods sticking out from the house. Almost all the windows were broken and the door was not shutting properly so the house was always making this creepy noise which scared the little kids everytime they tried to play there.

The old woman however was not scary at all. Her apple red cheeks and shadow black eyes were enchancing her cuteness. She was always wearing her rock thick sweater even when it was hot because she thought that sweater brought luck to her.

This cute old had a cute old neighbour as well. Her neighbour was her best friend and supporter. Whenever she needed something her neighbour would give it without hesitation.

She saw her neighbour as a hero like Robin Hood who steals from the rich gives to the poor.

Of course she did not steal anything from people but she helped poor people who were in need of help.

So the old woman had a strong between herself and her neighbour.They would go shopping together and go to restaurants. They would have so much fun that they would forget this merciless cruel world. They would spend their times like they were in a story.

One day the rich neighbour wanted some sugarfrom her. She first did not understand why her neighbour was taking stuff from her. Could she be cutting her friendship with me, she thought. She handed with a moment of hesitation. Neighbour got the sugar and she walked away without thanking or saying goodbye. Old woman was really angry and her apple red cheeks turned into tomato red cheeks. There was smoke coming out from her nose and from her ears.

She slammed shut the door and rushed into her haunted living room like she was going to blow up something. She sat on a stool and started thinking why her best friend would cut their relationship.

Hours and Hours past. She was still thinking vigorously about what the problem was. Was she too poor to be her friend? Did she want too many things from her? As the time passed fast like water she was now thinking of how to kill her. To end the friendship once and for all.

She was making plans for the murder. Her brain was working like a computer finding plans. Every second she was searching. For a moment she stopped thinking because it was really late. Her eyes were tomato bloody and she felt as she was about to fall down on her face.

She slowly walked to her bed to sleep but her phone telephone rang. Phone echoes were spreading everywhere. She rushed to the telephone and she was cursing it when she was running.

She opened the phone with a rude voice. It was her son who was calling her from the army. She was really relaxed when she heard her sons soft voice as if she was going to faint. Her son told her that he was coming back from the army tommorrow. She was now as happy as a baby in the arms of her mother could be. They talked for ten minutes than she put the phone on to the desk.

She was really happy that her son was coming home. She lay on her old wooden made bed like she was lying on soft pieces of cotton. For a moment she thought about her friendship problems but she just skipped them because she was so sleepy.

She slept until the clock was showing 9:00 a.m. She woke up anxiously. She slowly went to the bathroom ,step by step, her eyes half open. She opened the door slowly. The door creaked as if someone was screaming. She tried to get her toothbrush but the door knocking stopped her from doing that.

She rushed to the door thinking it might be her son. When she opened the door in a rush she saw her neighbours cold and pity face. The happiness in her face faded away. She was mockingly staring at her neighbour's face. Her neighbour wanted a sandwich. She faked a smile and went to the kitchen.

She was thinking of a plan to kill her. She saw the rat poison on the rack. She put the rat poison in the bread and gave it to her neighbour. She was smirking when she was giving the bread. Her neighbour took the bread and without saying thanks she walked away.

On the road she saw a soldier. The soldier wanted the bread from her. She happily gave it to him thinking that she was gaining karma points. Back at the poor old woman's haunted house the old woman was waiting for her son.

She seemed really exhausted because of standing up all the time. She sat on the stool. The moment she sat down the phone rang so she rushed to answer it. It was the hospital saying that her son has just died because of poisoning.