Underage Drinking

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Many people have different views on the drinking age, 18 or 21, which should it be. Some people don't even have a view because they are of age and this has no effect on them. To many people around the United States this is a serious issue. The effects of alcohol are great and all will agree that there needs to be some limitations on this substance. To what extreme should the laws placed for alcohol or should we even have any at all. That I the case in some countries, they don't even have a legal drinking age and probably never will. While some places have never had a legal age some places have designated different ages in which one is allowed to drink alcohol. They set these standard depending on what they think is the age that people are responsible enough to handle alcohol. Alcohol is a very dangerous substance, it has been know to damage, hurt, and even kill people that abuse the uses of it and some that honor it but still face some of the dangers.

Alcohol is a downer that reduces activity in the central nervous system. The alcohol intoxicated person exhibits loose muscle tone, loss of fine motor coordination, and often has a staggering "drunken" gait. Heavy drinking or alcohol abuse produces disorders in the brain and nervous system, liver, heart and circulation, digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system. To certain extremes coma, possible death due to respiratory arrest is expected to those who do not know their limit and therefore are irresponsible.

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