Violence In Video Games

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Parents have a God-given right to choose things they don't want their children exposed to. Some of these things are sexually explicit and/or violent movies, television programs, reading materials, and video games. Some politicians are trying to take this right away. Some politicians are trying to make it illegal for violent video games to be sold to young people. Some retailers do restrict whom they sell these violent games to based on age, but that is their right to do so. Some politicians are trying to make the decision for parents on video games their children can play. In our so-called "free"� society, one would think that parents are free to make this decision on their own.

Some politicians are trying to make graphic video games illegal for retailers to sell to young people. Video games would then come under the same category as alcohol and tobacco. Those three things just don't go together.

The Government restricts alcohol and tobacco from young people because they are products that can be extremely physically harmful to young people. All this really comes down to is another form of censorship, another way for the government to have their hands in our lives. Parents are responsible for what movies and television shows their children watch as well as what kind of food they eat or books they read. Parents are and should be responsible also for what kind of video games their children play.

One of the politicians advocating the Government restricting of video games is Lt. Col. David Grossman. Lt. Col. David Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor. Grossman is fighting for the restriction of television programs, movies, and video games. Video games are the least of the three to Grossman, however he does not push for it any less than...