Wanting to die.

Essay by Pacojaleb October 2003

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To whom it may concern;

There is nothing left for me now

The end of life shall come some how

I dream of peace but there is none

The dream shall end my life is done

I wish to rest forever more

Six feet down in demons lore

A sleepless state of dreamless wake

On deathbeds pillow my funeral make

It shall be done just as I say

I shall be free I find a way

I slit my throat for you care

You cannot know the pain I bare

As the dawn, break just through the gate

They shall see my bloody fate

Suicide the only way

For me to live and love my way

But I shall leave this note to you

For you can not know what I have been through

Please Don't be mad it has to be

Can't live like this but you shall see

So now I go and please don't cry

There is nothing left