Why I Think Martin Luther King Is A Hero

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What Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did to become a hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15,1929, in Alanta, Geogia. His mother was a teacher and his father was a minister. Dr. King grew up in a segregated society full of discrimination, hatred, and prejudice. His parents taught him that everyone was created equal. Dr. King did not know why it was happening and that he would try to change it when he got older. When Dr. King got older he helped Rosa Parks by boycotting because she and three other black people were siting by her. Even though there was one white person they all had to get up because they were siting in the whites only spot. Dr. King then went on to boycott about bigger things like to give the black people what they wished for. The black people wished to not see sigh saying whites only or no blacks.

Dr. King wanted that to change since he was a little boy. He wanted to boycott but with no violentce. Dr. King said someday we will have freedom. He had always had a dream to be free. Every time they would try to protest about having Freedom but someone would get hurt. He was such a freedom-fighter because that's what he was taught growing up, it had become his beliefs. He would be proud of today because their no more segregation.