Women sport

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Women Sport

Women have always been treated unequally in comparison to males in our society. In the past, women were extremely restricted with their rights by not having equal opportunity in the job force, education, and their overall social life. They were expected to follow the norms and guidelines society had put upon them. If they did not abide by these guidelines, uproar would arise in the community. One major activity that caused uproar in the community was when women began participating in sports. Sports began during the Native American times where women were expected to stay home and take care of the children, while men were able to have leisure time and enjoy their life by playing sports. As years continued, women began thinking about their abilities and talent to play a sport. Once they started participating in sports, much controversy arose. Although controversy arose, they still continued to play to portray their strength and confidence as women.

They violated society's norms hoping that one day there will be a professional female athlete to represent the oppressed women who were told that they had no right playing sports.

The rise of first, second, and third wave feminism was an important issue in the growth of women athletes. First wave feminism is a very old form of feminism. They did not believe in individualism as much as the second and third wave feminists believed. Second wave feminists branched from first wave feminists, but second wave feminists fought harder for gender equality. As third wave feminism arose, more changes took place with women and their rights. Third wave feminism is the newest form of feminism. Third wave feminists are women in today's society at the age of twenty or thirty who focus on recent and general topics of feminism. These feminists...