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Brenda Vasquez

English 114

Research Essay

24 March 2011

The fight for Citizenship

There are countless immigrants that wish for the American dream to become a U.S citizen and to have the benefits that Americans have today. Many noncitizens that live in the U.S go into the army to get citizenship for themselves without realizing the fatal sacrifice that they are making for a country that is not theirs. In "Noncitizen soldiers: the quandaries of foreign-born troops." Patrik Jonsson discusses some issues of exchanging citizenship for military service. Jonsson states that the US military is not meeting recruitments so they are offering faster paths to citizenship for any immigrant who enlists. Jonnson states "recognizing the growing importance of immigrant in an army that has struggled to meet recruiting goals, the government is hastening citizenship for those who serve in armed forces for long term." Since the US military started to give this opportunity to immigrants the number of immigrant soldier has increased.

Jonsson states that there were twenty-eight thousand soldiers in 2000 that number has risen to thirty-nine thousand soldiers in 2005 not including the foreign contractors hired since September 11, 2001, and the amount of soldiers signing up goes up daily.

Jonnson asks if it is right to ask noncitizens to fight for a country that is not there's. Sargent Leopoldo Escartin an immigrants states the "If I die over there I'm not even dying for my own country." Immigrants who are risking their lives for something that has so much meaning to them fail to realize the reality of maybe dying for something that is still not theirs. Mr. Christopher Bentley points out that " most immigrant soldiers have been in the US since they were young, have grown up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school; and...