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(a)Explain the Munich Agreement.

§The Munich Agreement was a Conference that was held on 29 September

§Chamberlain was desperate to avoid war

§Mussolini called for a conference to discuss Sudetenland

§Chamberlain, Hitler and Deadlier attended

§(Sudetenland was a piece of land that Hitler demanded from the Czech's. This part of land contained many of Czechoslovakia's industry, and most importantly it had most of the defences against Hitler.)

§When the four leaders meet is Munich they agreed to the following:

§To give the Sudetenland to Germany

§To let Poland and Hungary take territory from Czechoslovakia

§As long as Hitler do not demand any ore territory in Europe

§Slain and Czechs weren't invaded

§And not consulted

§Chamberlain, managed to make Hitler sign a paper that promised that Germany will never invade England

§In the end this conference failed as Hitler invaded Bohemia and Moravia on 15 March 1939

(b)Explain the importance of the nazi-soviet pact.

§After the invasion on Czechoslovakia, Hitler turned to Poland

§He wanted, the Polish Corridor, Danzig and just Lebensraum

§Up till 1939 the Poles had got on quite well with Hitler (Czechoslovakia)

§They found it hard to accept that Hitler was now threatening them

§Britain promised to help Poles if Hitler attacked

§The Nazi-Soviet Pact was between Nazi Germany and Soviet Union

§It was made on 23 August 1939

§The world was amazed, as Germany and Soviet Union hated each other

§They agreed not to fight over Poland and just to split it in half

§The pact meant that Britain and France were left to fight Germany alone

§Hitler invaded Poland on 25th August 1939

§3rd September Britain and France declared war on him

§The Nazi-Soviet pact was the most important short-term cause of the Second World War

§The pact meant that Hitler could attack Poland without the...