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The Meadow

box of dark chocolate fudge: that was presented as a gift on Christmas Day. The green grass was an odoriferous carpet smelling mostly of mildew. Perhaps, the most pleasant scent associated with the m ...

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This essay is a sensory essay about an auditorium. It's strived for the actual feeling of the auditorium and has a nice, funny ending.

blic gathering and torture is almost alive with the human masses. The pungent stench of strong body odor, strong perfume, and wet plaster is combining to form a perfect odoriferous stench. This disgus ...

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Old People and Babies: What's the Difference?

imply don't let others forget their presence, as they remind those in their vicinity of the pungent odors of age. Although the old person is not entirely at fault, the strong fragrance can be modified ... ng more perfume until they can finally smell it (one half bottle later).Babies also have a distinct odor, although less unpleasant. Usually, a baby carries the aroma of baby wipes or baby powder, both ...

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Physiological Perception Filters

urons of the olfactory system.For years it has been known that when an animal or a person sniffs an odorant, molecules carrying the scent are captured by a few of the immense number of receptor neuron ... r of receptor neurons in the nasal passages; the receptors are somewhat specialized in the kinds of odorants to which they respond. Cells that become excited fire action potentials, or pulses, which p ...

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Mock Orange

reamy with a tinge of hope. When the woman says, "How can I be content / when there is still / that odor in the world?" (22-24), she is revealing the first sense of hope. Odor insinuates the desire fo ... " (22-24), she is revealing the first sense of hope. Odor insinuates the desire for the flower. The odor is yearning for love, respect, and equality.Abhorrence and vulnerability are omnipresent. Altho ...

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Bad Breath (Halitosis) Report

the putrefaction of these bacteria creates volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's) that emanate the foul odor that causes bad breath. VSC's in the mouth that were analyzed through gas chromatography were f ... three times, wait for about 45 seconds and then smell the cloth to determine whether it has an foul odor. Foul odor would usually mean that the person has halitosis.Treatment for halitosis today is a ...

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Wild Animals

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Examples on mission statement

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Life Without Some Senses

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In the novel "Perfume", discuss how Patrick Suskind tells a story in which there are no relationships of any strength, and no dialogue of any length.

describes the streets as filthy and basically a place that really stinks. He describes the slums as odorous and the place is described in a very gloomy mood. Throughout the initial stages, Suskind tea ... sions. The basic characteristics of Jean-Baptiste are rather unique, as he is unable to produce any odor of his own, but has incredible smelling senses. This aspect of his tends to draw many uncomprom ...

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The Teriffic Bum Story

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