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This essay discusses the influence and pressure that rap and hip-hop music bring upon the African-American youth.

they don't like. The four songs that I will be using to back those points up are "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Doggy Dogg, "Natural Born Killers" by Dr. Dre, "One and One" by 2 Live Crew, and "Back That Th ... elp to acknowledge that the music may have some effect on them.First lets look at the song that put Snoop Doggy Dogg on the rap world's map, "Gin and Juice." The song is basically telling a story abou ...

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To Have or not to have Parental Advisory? Compare and contast essay on weather or not to have or not to have Parental Advisory labels od Cd's, Includes 16 refrences

ct approach that is used to usually bring down music.Singling out on a specific part of censorship, Snoop Dogg is sad to rap about violence by saying it is a ticket to notoriety (Of Rap). It goes on t ...

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All Eyez On Him - Tupac Shakur.

e had reason to believe that Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy set him up. He later produces a song with Snoop Dogg that portrays Biggie and Puffy being punished for setting up Tupac (Tupac Shakur Timeline ...

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Rap music and violence

so they tried to take that style and create something of their own. Dr. Dre he helped a rising star Snoop Doggy Dog to become a big star by guest staring on his "The Chronic" album. Snoop released "Do ... ould to keep youth from listening to this music because they felt it was making them commit crimes. Snoop was charged not to long after his release for murder which he soon was found not guilty. Congr ...

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Starksy and Hutch

er perfectly. Todd Phillips brings back a few actors, Juliette Lewis, Will Ferrell, Matt Walsh, and Snoop Dogg who all had roles in his last film, Old School. This made it easy for these actors to und ...

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A Tribute Essay on the Late Rod Roddy, Announcer from the Price is Right. Originally Written for My School Paper.

OK to be one-hundred pounds overweight and be blessed with a name like Tawny. It may not have been Snoop Dogg's party on a Saturday night, but for many, this silly little game show was about as much ...

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What is Hip-Hop?

ir of the ghetto was brought to the forefront in the 1990's by groups like N.W.A., Easy E, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube. Lyrics about the drug trade, violence, gang-banging, and the degradation o ...

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The (Mis) Education

sic has become terribly commercialized, some of the most popular artists like Lil' Kim, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg have produced increasingly explicit and brazen lyrics, taken to wearing an abundance of s ...

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Hockey Story

y whole team filed in with little talking and sat down at their bags. The room was then filled with Snoop Dogg and other such rappers as we all started getting dress.As I started putting each piece of ...

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History of Gangster Rap

g the masses, while gangster rap grew more in style. This was mainly exemplified by rappers such as Snoop Dog, Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, and Puff Daddy. These artists, as well as many others within ...

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Big show

nt body. News of anything on campus circulates quickly, just like the gossip be passed around about Snoop Dogg or Britney Spears in Public but it only has to deal with, what new guy will be dating Pam ...

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Rap Tension

. Other artist realized that the trash talk / threats needed to stop before anyone else was killed. Snoop Dogg and Puffy became "activists" in stopping the violence and creating peace between co ...

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CD Cover essay

to my local music shop called HMV and started to look at different covers such as 50 cent, DMX, and Snoop Dogg these are the artist representing the CD, I chose these artist because they represent my ...

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ping It Right." Upon his release from jail, Pac is introduced to a cast of characters: Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg and others, whose philosophy's are foreign to him. While retaining the undertones of Blac ...

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"Pimps Up, Ho's Down" by T. Denean Sharpely-Whiting

to. I was relieved, because until that point I wasn't exactly sure why I was reading so much about Snoop Dogg in Rio de Janeiro and the girls of Brazil.In the next chapter of her book, Sharpley-Whiti ...

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Street Gangs

ransactions. Gangs have increased all throughout New Jersey and thus have the trafficking of drugs."Snoop Dogg caught with weapon at airport"Besides money another reason why people join street gangs a ... people join street gangs are for the mere fact that some of their favorite celebrities are in them. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus is an internationally known "gangsta" rapper. Among ma ...

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An in-depth look into the Hyphy Movement, one of the Bay Area

and appearing on various singles and verses. After working with musicians such as Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and UGK, Too $hort decided to come out of retirement. With this, he recorded his ...

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Beats by Dre

e number one singles, and won a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance in a collaboration effort with Snoop Dogg. Even though things seemed good between the two in reference to albums sold and hit singl ... the Aftermath era, Dre signed artists that would become household monikers such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and his latest project, Kendrick Lamar. Dre's style of rap music was characterized by "s ...

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Hip Hop and the LA Riots

rything was underestimated, just as was the music of Hip Hop itself. Dr. Dre was in the studio with Snoop Dogg during the riots working on his hit album, The Chronic. He sampled the soundtrack to vide ... at the riots were over, an element of Hip Hop wanted to let people know how they felt. That is when Snoop Dogg came out with a laid back easy album called Doggystyle. The west coast rappers wanted to ...

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