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ison to the surrounding nations. In fact it has a larger mass then California. Within these 449,964 square kilometers lies running water in tremendous amounts.This leads to the first resource that is ...

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munist north, and reunification occurred in mid-1976.Physical SettingVietnam has an area of 127,207 square miles (329,465 square kilometers) and is located in Southeast Asia. The country has a coastli ... trations are found in the Red and Mekong river deltas, where densities may exceed 2,000 persons per square mile (772 per square kilometer). The average density, however, is much lower 488 persons per ...

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Dominican Republic

es up about 2/3 of the island which it shares with Haiti. Dominican Republic's total area is 48,734 square kilometers. The Dominican Republic Jas a tropical maritime climate. The temperatures are mode ...

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the Pacific Ocean.牋牋牋牋Mexico's borders stretch approximately 1,958,201 square kilometers or 756,066 square miles. That figure includes 5,363 square kilometers or 2,071 squ ... urban areas, about seventy-five percent, and the population density is about forty-eight people per square kilometer, or one-hundred and twenty-four people per square mile.牋牋牋 ...

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Australia vs. Taiwan.

in the southern hemisphere. It consists of two major islands with a surface area of 7, 713 thousand square kilometers. Australia's official language is English and is currently governed by Prime Minis ... at is located above the South China Sea and just off main land China. It has an area of 26 thousand square kilometers with Taipei as its Capital. Its official language is Mandarin and its President is ...

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Japan country analysis- overview of Japan. geography, government, etc.

scattered plains cover the other 25 percent. Tokyo is set on the Kanto plain, which is only 13,000 square kilometer. The total land area of Japan is 374,744 square kilometers. Japan has four main isl ...

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Comparision of two countries, INDIA & CANADA... How they are different and where you would prefer to live...

n turn has eroded many lakes.India is the largest country in South Asia covering over three million square kilometers from the Himalayas in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south. The country is s ...

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Impact of Human overpopulation on Social systems and the environment.

are not the only major human impact on our planet. The World Book Atlas also estimates that 90,000 square kilometers of forest, an area the size of the British Isles, is being lost each year. Tragica ...

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The Effect of Changing Distance From Toronto's Central Business District on Parking Prices

uickly becoming very densely populated, with a population of 670,000 people in an area of under 100 square kilometers (Statistics Canada). This population density of over 7000 people per square kilome ... a problem, as the difference could be negative. Therefore, the difference between the two ranks is squared to eliminate all negative values (giving us d2), and the squared differences of every lot ar ...

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Tourism of Thailand

of Thailand, is a country with a population of roughly 60 million people and a land size of 513,115 square-kilometers.Thailand sits at the very heart of South East Asia and is considered a natural gat ...

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Geography of the Philippines essay

n coast of Asia. Consisting of over 7,000 volcanic islands with a total land area of nearly 300,000 square kilometers (approximately the size of Arizona), islands of the Philippines are predominantly ...

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Interesting things about Somalia, Africa.

astern Africa, Somalia forms the cap of the Horn of Africa. Somalia covers an area of about 638,000 square kilometers, making it slightly smaller than Texas. Climate is the primary factor in much of S ...

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Antarctic Ice Shelves are Melting Due to Decades of Higher Temperatures

he Antarctic known as the Larsen B and the Wilkins are in "full retreat" and have lost nearly 3,000 square kilometers if their total area in the last year according to scientists in Colorado and the U ... treat in the spring of 1998. In a series of events that began in November 1998, an additional 1,714 square kilometers if shelf area caved away, according to Research Associate Ted Scambos of CU-Boulde ...

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Tourism in Cameroon, Greece and China. Why do so few people travel to Cameroon?

IntroductionCameroon , a piece of land stretched over 375,000 square kilometers , is located in central Africa .It is inhabited by a population of about 15,000,00 ...

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Ellen moore in bahrain

of 33 islands located in the Persian Gulf. The main island,Bahrain, comprises 85% of the almost 700 square kilometers of the country, and is thelocation of the capital city, Manama. Several of the isl ...

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Country Business Brief: CANADA

Alaska and the small French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. Its total land area of 9.9 million square kilometers (3.8 million square miles) makes it the second-largest country in the world. Canad ... ght of land. The river system with the largest drainage area is the Mackenzie River, with 1 805 200 square kilometers.6.Major mountain range(s)The principal mountainous region is the Western Cordiller ...

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Italy information

It is a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea. The total area of Italy is 301,230 square kilometers, including water area, which is 7,210 square kilometers. The exact area of land is ...

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y in the world because it is approximately nine million, five hundred sixty one thousand kilometers squared. Its population is first in the world with approximately one billion, two hundred ninety fiv ... is the capital, it is not the biggest. Shanghai is the biggest city in the country with regards to square kilometers. (Book 1: "China... In Pictures")China's geographical information is unbelievable. ...

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Latvia's issues pertaining to terrorism

tonia and Lithuania. Latvia currently has a population of 2,348,784 people. It is a total of 64,589 square kilometers. One thousand square kilometers is water and 63,589 is land. Latvia is slightly la ...

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Cry for Argentina

can't maintain its connections with the world anymore.Although Argentina holds an area of 2,766,890 square kilometers, its population is 38,740,807 million. Its neighbors are Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, P ...

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