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Freezing point of Napthalene

rialsringstand gas sourcetest tube test tube clampsthermometer naphthaleneBunsen burner goggleshose stopwatchIII. Procedure1. Assemble the Bunsen burner, attaching one end of the hose to the burner an ...

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Sugar Ants

eft over.METHOD: APPARATUS:1. Ant nest2. Different types of food3. Sunlight4. Temperature changes5. Stopwatch6. Small stones such as pebbles7. Peanut butter jarPROCEDURE:1st ExperimentFind the Food th ...

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Marble chip investigation - rates of reaction, studying the effects of change in concentration of the acid

4.Put the marble chips and hydrochloric acid into the conical flask. Replace the bung and start the stopwatch.5.Once the decided amount of time has passed, take note of the remaining amount of water i ...

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Investigating circular motion

er bung Metre rule 50 gram slot massesGlass tube 50-gram mass carrier 50-gram slot masses Metre ruleStopwatch Sticky tape Metre rule StringTHEORYAs in Jacaranda HSC Science Physics 2 p.54In this exper ...

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How does concentration affect the rate of reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric acid.

will put the solution on top of the cross and add the chemicals together. At this point, start the stopwatch. The solution will begin to go cloudy. You should stop the watch when you can no longer se ... flask, 10 cm3 measuring cylinder, two 50 cm3 measuring cylinders, a piece of paper with a cross on, stopwatch, hydrochloric acid, water and Sodium Thiosulphate.Method 2We followed the plan. We set up ...

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Platform balance Kettle Milk ice cubes Stopwatch Hot Water Procedure: The copper cup was weighed and its ma ...

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Lab: Specific heat capacity.

Ampmeter DC Power Supply Crocodile Clips StopwatchInstructions:i) Assemble the apparatus as shown in the diagram. You need to build y ...

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Liquid Ice Exeperiment

e ice cube from the freezer and immediately place it into the Coke. Get another person to start the stopwatch at the exact time the ice hits the Coke.4. Then keep a close watch on the ice cube and sto ... drink.Appropriate units to be used while collecting data: Seconds.Technologey for collecting data: Stopwatch.Independent variables that need to be controlled:* Size of ice cube* Amount of liquid in e ...

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Practical Write up of Centripetal Force

length of stringAlligator clipLarge 2-hole rubber stopperMass carrier and slotted masses (50 g each)StopwatchMetre rulerGraph paperMethod:1. One end of the string was securely tied to the rubber stopp ... e time that was taken to measure 30 revolutions of the stopper. The time taken was attained using a stopwatch. Record time taken in a table.3. Another 50 g mass was then added to the carrier, keeping ...

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Science lab report on finding the boiling point of an unknown substance

emperature of the unknown substanceMethod:Equipment:* Bunsen burner* Tripod* Unknown solid* Beaker* Stopwatch* Boiling tube* Stand* Clamp* ThermometerFirst we take some time to set up the equipment, a ... rk, and to make it fair, we take turns recording the temperature every 30 seconds or looking at the stopwatch. By changing our shifts every 5 minutes, this will make us to have a fair chance of workin ...

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Observing an Unknown Object Lab report

t:1. metric ruler 5. graduated cylinder2. Triple Beam Balance 6. beaker3. unknown object 7. water4. stopwatch or clock 8. hot plateProblem: We were given an unknown object to observe and identify.Ques ...

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Set up boards and books to form runway track.2) Set up planes and do Test 1. Record results.3) Use stopwatch and do Test 2. Record results.V. Results "“ In Test 1, D went the farthest, E came in ...

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Management and Leadership Paper" When people like Frederick Taylor first began to study management, he used a stopwatch to see how well people on a factory floor could improve their productivity. Back then, pro ... ook greater control to assure productivity and profit. Imagine being supervised by a manager with a stopwatch!Now we live in an information age, and no one can "know everything" about a job the way th ...

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Tracing The Relationship Of Gene And Finny

be stuck with whatever job you were assigned. Why this is important is because it is somewhat of a stopwatch that is counting down on the time the boys have left until they are drafted, putting a tim ...

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How Harder Exercise Effects The Pulse Rate

anomalous and which fit the trend so I can correct it. We will use skipping ropes to exercise and a stopwatch to time the exercise and to time a recovery period in between. I will skip for ½ a ...

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Pill Bugs Attraction to Colored Lights Introduction: This experiment was

erials: 10 Pill Bugs, 4 Lights (1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green), 1 Chamber with 4 dividers, and a stopwatch.1.) You must collect 10 pill bugs.2.) Put each different light color light in one of the s ... er with four dividers.4.) After each minute, record down how many bugs went to each light. Use your stopwatch to have an accurate minute.5.) Repeat step 4 for 10 times which equals a total of ten minu ...

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How we got the job done To obtain the data

s, a ruler, I recommend a meter stick with centimeter measurements, various weights not to large, a stopwatch, and a protractor to measure your amplitude.To start off we got all of the materials that ...

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Chemistry Laboratory Report: Factors affecting reaction rates

test-tube using a measuring cylinder.2)A 3cm length of magnesium wire is added to the acid, and the stopwatch is started simultaneously. The time it takes for the magnesium to disappear into solution ...

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Investigation the Importance of Surface Area to Volume Ratio

d, the indicator (phenolphthalein), the process of how acid was added to the beaker, the use of the stopwatch as well as how much of the cubes were covered with acid.MaterialsAgar jelly containing:- 0 ... g:- 0.1 M NaOH- Phenolphthalein0.1 M H2SO4100 ml or 250 ml beakerCeramic tilePlastic spoonKnifeGloveStopwatchMethodOnce all materials were gathered, the glove was put on and a 2 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm, 1 cm ...

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Investigating a factor that affects the volume of H2 at the cathode in an electrolysis reaction

n the experiment (room temperature)Time of the process to measure the amount of H2 produced. (use a stopwatch to keep the time constant to 5 minutes)Concentration of the electrolyte (0.25M)Volume of t ... cal conductors (two wires)Electrolyte (HCl 0.25M 400ml×3, 50ml×3)Electrode (copper zinc)StopwatchMethodConnect the electrical conductors to the cell battery and the electrode.Place 400ml o ...

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