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Australia and the Great Barrier Reef

0 000 square kilometres. The reef region is 260 000 square kilometres. The reef region is a popular tourist attraction because of its warm climate, sandy beaches, colourful wildlife, tropical islands ...

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The Great Barrier Reef

0 000 square kilometres. The reef region is 260 000 square kilometres. The reef region is a popular tourist attraction because of its warm climate, sandy beaches, colourful wildlife, tropical islands ...

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California's Tourist Attractions, State Bird, State Flower, State Flag, Climate, Topography, Population, History, famous people, Major Cities, Agriculture, and Industries.

Tourist AttractionsOne tourist attraction is Yosemite National Park. It became a national park in 18 ... waterfalls. There are also giant sequoia trees that are more than three thousand years old. Another tourist attraction is Disneyland. Disneyland is the most visited attraction in California. It's fill ...

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This essay was for a Geography retail class, and I was supposed to gather three article's and compare and contrast the idea's of the aritcle with the main topic which was shopping malls in N.America.

l spatialization and the environment of the West Edmonton Mall. The development of this world class tourist attraction became the "largest, comprehensive tourist attraction ever built in the universe" ... ist attraction ever built in the universe" (Shield, 150). The city of Edmonton needed a world class tourist attraction, needed a place were people would come to instead of going to other cities in the ...

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Marketing segmentation of Gordon Highlanders Museum

Executive summary:Gordon Highlanders Museum (GHM) which is a tourist attraction in Aberdeen has a unique and attractive building with artifacts and themes being ... our & Variety-Seeking Buying Behaviour.1.0 Introduction:Gordon Highlanders Museum is one of the tourist attractions in Aberdeen with ample collection of Gordon highlanders regiment's treasures and ... base and faces a lot of competition from other museums, art galleries and various other sources of tourist attractions around Aberdeen. The museum has a lot of scope to introduce new approaches, mark ...

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The Importance of Caves

physical processes, and environmental habitats.Caving on Vancouver Island has been attracting many tourists from around the world since the 1960's, and has grown rapidly since then. Public interests, ... ests, concerns for fitness awareness and environmental concerns have contributed to this boom. This tourist attraction not only helps our economy, but it also makes people more aware about karst topog ...

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The effect of the congestion charge on businesses in Central London

Despite the size of London, much of the main tourist attraction is focused on a relatively small region on the north bank of the Thames. Within a ... , the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, West End, Trafalgar square and Covent Garden. As well as these tourist attractions are the financial and business sectors based in the City. This therefore makes C ... ts, business travellers and leisure travellers visiting London (picking up from airport, hotels and tourist attraction). Minicabs work extensively in the daytime for corporate clients. Unlike taxis, s ...

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Geography Essay on Tasmania, Australia. Essay includes details about landforms, a native animal, a native plant, 2 major cities of Tasmania

Arthur. Port Arthur used to be a convict Settlement.Port Arthur is officially Tasmania's number one tourist attraction, and no visit to the state is complete without seeing it. Port Arthur is a 90 min ...

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The Costa Rican Government

urrounded by two well-known bodies of water, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, It is a great tourist attraction. One very important aspect of Costa Rica is its very stable government.The Costa ...

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Write if you think the loch ness monster is real or not. Persuasive Writing

idence provided or do you go by the saying "Seeing is believing"? I believe that this creature is a tourist attraction although there have been alleged sightings of this tall tale since about 565 AD. ... exist or not? I have been questioning whether "Nessie" exists or not, the outcome was it is a fake tourist appeal for money. If this monster actually does exist how come when a young man went into th ...

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Importance of the Alamo

think of cowboys, Indians, but also some of them think of the Alamo. The Alamo is the most popular tourist attraction in Texas. A little more then 3 million visitors visit the Alamo every year. It's ...

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Biltmore house

me for him and his future wife. Little did he know that many years down the road it would be a huge tourist attraction to many. Known for its outmost designs, the effort that was put into the architec ...

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Canada's Diverse History

nada has developed intothe home of the largest free-standing structure in the world. Canada,(agreat tourist attraction)is also home of the largest water fall in theworld. Our farmland unlike a lot of ...

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The Column of Trajan.

e quarry and a source for decorative marble since the sixth century AD. The column was considered a tourist attraction an in 1162 a law was passed forbidding anyone to damage it. The column had many f ...

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A guide to Recife Brazil

t city, its main exports being sugar, cotton and coffee.Recife also has a quickly growing urban and tourist area that has been called the "Venice of Brazil" because half of it lies on the main land, a ... iful waterways and connected by various bridges.The Venice-like waterways of Recife is not the only tourist attraction for this coastal city. Many come to see historic sites of the seventeenth and eig ...

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Fisherman's Wharf

isherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California is America's best known, busiest, and most profitable tourist attraction. And most of all, it draws the most visitors in the Bay Area. Tourist can see wor ...

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Lighthouse Story

nd for another couple of years before they either upgrades me with higher technology or use me as a tourist attraction as the first lighthouse to be established in Hahn Bay, they can not pull me down ...

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The Great Wall of China

Many people only think of the Great Wall of China as a great, scenic tourist attraction or as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Although these are all true, the Gre ...

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Devastating Effects of Deforestation of the Amazon

The Amazon's loss of wild life takes its toll on Brazil's economy which depends on the Amazon as a tourist attraction as well as the sale of animals, plants, and other products.Relying on the prophet ...

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Destination Life Cycle Analysis of Hospitality and Tourism Dynamics --- A case study of Heng Dian Film and TV City Resort in China

ifically to the locations where they were filmed (Riley, Baker & Van Doren, 1998). In the past, tourist benefit is serendipity of films or miniseries; however, the contemporary destination markete ... nation marketers systematically manipulate to place sights in the film or miniseries for attracting tourists (Cousins & Andereck, 1993). There became the film-induced tourism. Film and TV tourism ...

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