"Alone once again" by Calvin Chang

Essay by hello123High School, 10th grade March 2004

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Every year, my family moved to another city, and I never knew why, but I never asked. It was one of those things that aren't so post to be questioned about. What depressed me was that every year, I would go to a new school and treated as a new kid. Its hard to be a new kid every year, and in the end, after I made few friends, I would leave again to another place. Even though I wasn't a popular guy in school, I had few good friends, but every year, they would change. Its difficult, but I learn to accept it and just move on. I learned not to be affable, and try to stay as far away from any contact that might allow me to be attached. It gets a little lonely, but what can I do? If I become affable and cordial, it will be hard for me to leave.

Sometimes, I would be feared upon by my peers in a school, and in the other, I would be made fun of as a loner. I really didn't care, as I knew that I would be leaving, at the end of the year, and that I would never see them again.

This year, like always, we moved in around mid July, and like usual my mom would say when we arrived at our new place, "I think this is it. Our home from now on, till death." But every year that statement would be proven wrong. When I got to my new school, I tried to follow my procedure, "Stay as far away as you can from any contact." I walked over to the office and I was led to my first class by the vice principle lady. She had golden blond hair with deep...