Animal Rights.

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The Animal-Rights Movement has been a concern of many Americans in present day society, especially those in the medical profession. Many scientists agree that the Animal-Rights Movement severely limits the capability of scientists to test new medical procedures and drugs on animals, which will stall the advancement of medical technology. Both the Wall Street Journal and Ron Kline have produced written documents speaking out about the consequences of the Animal-Rights Movement. The Wall Street Journal Article and Ron Kline's Article state that the uses of animals for science have resulted in scientific breakthroughs, however, they differ greatly on what should be done with the existence and practice of the Animal-Rights Movement.

Both the Wall Street Journal and Kline believe there are many consequences that come along with the Animal-Rights Movement. In the Wall Street Journal's article "Animal's and Sickness" they discuss how their belief is that the Animals-Right Movement severely limits the advancement of medical science.

They openly declare that without the use of animals in

laboratories our society would not be as medically advanced as it is today (Wall Street Journal 419). The Wall Street Journal backs this up by using the statements of well-known scientists such as Dr. Michael DeBakey and Dr. Thomas Starzl whom state "we consider the Animal-Rights movement to be one of the greatest threats to continued medical research in the united States" (Wall Street Journal 419). In comparison to the Wall Street Journal, Kline's article, "A Scientist: I am the Enemy" also states that the Animal-Rights Movement puts too many limitations on the use of animals in research. However, Kline also adds that "one of the terrifying effects on the effort to restrict the use of animals in medical research is that the impact will not be felt for years and decades." (Kline...