Arcade Mania: A Poem I Wrote When I Was 14

Essay by saifee May 2006

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When I was eight I loved the arcade.

Super Mario was my favorite game.

But for some reason Mom didn't allow.

She thought it was not a safe place.

Even Dad agreed with her.

It made me mad, but what could I do?

I broke my little piggy bank,

And took the measly sum of coins.

I was done with in a matter of hours.

Now I had no money,

And even the cute piggy was gone.

But not for a moment did I regret,

Since the games seemed worth it.

I started taking money

From my Dad's pocket

And my sister's secret stash.

Boy what a big thief I was!

But not for a moment did I feel bad.

Then one day all the fun stopped,

And darkness fell upon me.

An older kid from my building

Went and ratted on me.

Mom and Dad, proud no more,

And sister demanded her money.

I think that day I cried a lil'

Not because I felt guilty,

I was missing out on the fun.

Two days later dad came home

With a big surprise.

He had bought for me

A video game console.

After some five seconds,

I could not wait no more.

I begged him to plug it in.

It kind of brought life back to me.

I played it all the time & said to myself,

"Who needs the stupid arcade,

When you've got one at home!"