An Autobiography.

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Hi, I am Charlie Borg. I was born on the third May 1994 at Five o'clock in the morning at St. James Hospital at Zabbar. I live in a quiet village in the center of Malta called Attard. It is a relatively small village with many unique characteristics.

Attending the Attard Primary School was an event that is impossible to forget. This was the second school as I attended a kindergarten school at Rabat before. I remember almost all my school mates I had at Attard, five of which now attend the same secondary school I do! Because of the fact that the school was in my village I didn't use the public transport but my mum herself drove me every day.

Now I attend the Archbishop's Seminary at Tal- Virtu`. I'm in my first year here and I am very pleased with the way things are developing. Almost immediately, in my first year, I made new friends with whom I share a lot of my time.

This year Business Studies and Computer Studies were added to my subject list making them twelve in all.

Regarding my future, I am not so sure on what is going to be my future career. In continuing school, that I am sure, but not in what profession I am to take.