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My name is Jonathan and I was born in Taiwan. I came to Hawaii when I was about two years old so I can pretty much say that I lived here all my life. Chinese was actually my first language, but since I've been living here for so long, it seems like English is my first language, especially since I do speak it a lot better than I do Chinese. I guess you can say that I am a sophomore in college now that we just got our grades back from the spring semester. I have a total of thirty-two credits now and hoping to have forty-four after this summer.

Almost all my life, my "thing" to do was soccer. I was obsessed with soccer and that is all I ever wanted to do. I learned how to play when I was in Kindergarten and was only four years old.

I just got hooked and played in a league when I was in third grade. I just kept playing and it kept getting more and more fun. I would say that I could've been a lot better but there was a time when my parents got divorced and I think it really changed my game. I had to stop playing in 5th grade for about a year or more. And, if you didn't already know it, just a week of not playing really "kills" a person's game. So, you can imagine what it did to me after I started again after a whole year! But, I just kept with it because of my love for the sport and I really started seeing improvements again. I played in high school for Kaiser High and I would say that those were the best experiences of my life. Sure my parents never really...