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WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1 A bad decision I made and now look back upon and regret is that I ran off when I was six and didn¡¦t tell my parents where I was going.

It had started out with my sister, brother, my best friend and I going to my sister¡¦s friends house to play. At the time I was six, so I still had those curious child ideas. My friend Jason and I had grown tired of watching my siblings play and got restless. So why they weren¡¦t looking, Jason and I left.

Down the road a ways was Raccoon Creek. We had nothing better to do so we headed in that direction. We took a little path that led underneath the Church Street bridge to the water looking for some excitement. Down at the waters edge we met this guy that was fishing and talked to him for a while.

Now to us it seemed like we only were down there for about 10 or 15 minutes, but we were wrong. To our surprise we were down there for over an hour, and without telling anybody that we had left or where we were going nobody knew where we were. My brother and sister by this time had realized we were gone and went to my parents and Jason¡¦s to help search for us.

Now dusk was starting to settle in and Jason and I had decided to start heading back home. It was at that moment when our little adventure ended. I turned around to start walking and there walking towards us was Jason¡¦s dad, and did he ever have the meanest look on his face. He grabbed us both by the shoulder and said ¡§Lets go boys.¡¨ He lead us to his car and when we got in he said that we were both in big trouble. That got us scared. We pulled into their driveway and got out, and it was about that time that my parents got there. My mom wanted to know where we had been, and so I told her. Then I got into my parents car and went home to start serving my week of being grounded.

I regret making the decision to take off without telling anybody because it put everybody in a panic. It made both our parents angry and I think that my parents were even ready to call the cops to look for us. So I regret that decision on the basis that I aged my parents 20 years in one day.