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Career I play the guitar. Naturally I admire rock stars and people who do what they love to do for a living. The most intriguing of all rock bands to me is Creed. When people think of rock stars they think of someone who is in it for money or the attractive lifestyle that goes along with the job. Creed reaches people in positive ways instead of the stereotypic way that most musicians do.

About four or five years ago I was introduced to the band Creed. At the time I liked the music for obvious ways such as sound. Later I heard rumors that creed was a "Christian" band. It was confusing that a band with such a great sound could be a straight "Christian" band. The more I listened to the lyrics the more I realized that they wrote about real things that had happened to them in life, both positive and negative.

I had no idea that later this band would be such a huge influence in my life.

Now I know a lot more about the band. I know that they are not specifically a "Christian" band but they do write lyrics that have to do with spirituality. I think that they try to stay away from this term because Christianity is not their only purpose. In other words they can write a song that is not totally based on one thing. Their music always has meaning though whether it is about a spiritual journey or just a hard time in life. A band that would characterize them as a "Christian" band easily turns off people who keep up with the mainstream of music. In turn more people are reached and are exposed to their music.

A big part of my admiration of the band come from their lyrics, but another major part is the guitarist. I have studied his music and learned all of it. He seems to be constantly growing in a musical sense. He play harder things that that most of the rock in this time seems to be heading, but he also plays slower things that were not put together in an hour. It seems as though his style of music is very close to the style of my own.

Being so interested in something like guitar I have to realize the odds of making it "big", so as of now I try to visualize the guitar and music as just a hobby. I think it to my advantage that I have a hobby that can take away stress and give my something to do with my free time. If I ever had the chance to take music to the next level and make it a career goal I would strive to be like Creed.