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Chris Juarez Period 4 A Good Deed Served When this assignment was handed out I found that I was skeptical about doing this project. I had never performed community service before so therefore I was scared and taut of what to do. There were so many choices to choose from that I picked out something that I knew I was righteous in. That choice was to serve my community at the local kids' daycare called Rainbow Daycare right off of Aviation Street and next to Manhattan Beach Blvd. I had served as a Junior Counselor years before so I knew what to expect, except now I was dealing with a much younger audience. Since my house is located further north in Hawthorne I have always driven by this location and found it to be rather inexplicable because I had always seen the kids jumping on the fence wanting out of the what seemed to be wearisome place.

So upon my first day of arrival I signed in and was given a very brief description on what to do. The only circumstance the director said was "If you cannot find nothing to do, go up to any child and ask them what game they would like to play."� It seemed simple and easy, yet would I only know the forthcoming nightmare. From the start of opening the small three-foot gate, kids gathered around grabbing my leg and shouting for joy. It felt like being an alien yet actuality treated with a welcome and the kids made your fear disappear right a way. I made a friend right off the bat too, his name is Jordan. He's a cool little guy that loved to play my favorite sports activity; basketball. The mere three and a half-foot giant grabbed my hand and picked up a basketball to start shooting hoops right away with me. It was fun; it was a good feeling inside to make a child's day because he actually had a partner to play a shared love of sport with him. He'll always remain my favorite in that whole class. Meanwhile the other children who I forgot about because I was playing with young Jordan were complaining about wanting me to "chase"� them. I guess that is the thing for the kids of today, they like it when older people who are faster and quicker than them to chase them. Even though the older kids let them run away and think they are faster it builds the children's self-esteem so that they feel good of themselves and want to continue on. It starts low and builds it's way up, with the lowest being the most important. That is why I have came to realize to myself while typing this report that I wasn't just serving my community, I was actually changing the future of all those kids that I played with. No longer might they remember me, but I will always remember them and mentally I know I have changed them in some way of feeling better about themselves. When the day would end, most of the children were almost tear struck because they loved to be around their environment. I remember my 4th day one of the kids said to his mom "mommy can Chris be our new daddy because he is the best!"� Wow did that change me, I achieved an important trust within those kids and in doing so became a part of their environment.

The final day was a hard one indeed. My mind was set to not say goodbye to anybody and just leave without saying a word because I thought that would be the best for them. But as I walked and headed out to my car one of them said "Chris, where are you going? I'll see you tomorrow!"� It just about brought a tear to my eye because as I watched him run back to his friends I thought to myself that there had to be more people out there like me that would take care of these precious angels. More people to serve them good and help them develop and grow into good adults that would be taking care of the world that I will be living in for the future. All in all, this project was a prominent and outstanding project that everybody should experience. Even though yes I did state that I thought it would be a nightmare; I soon became attached and forgot all together that this was indeed a "project."� It was more like going someplace to release stress and in doing so, benefiting the futures of our kind. The 20 hours seem to last like 20 minutes; I even lost track and went over the hourly amount because I felt that I had not done enough yet. One thing I did promise to myself be that I would stop in every now and then to say high to the kids and help them once again embark on their journey to and through life!