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An explanation of the e-learning business vision will be discussed. The mission, values, and how they are important in determining the strategic direction will be discussed. The product and services as well as the customers will be defined in the mission statement.

Mission DefinedThe mission is in simple terms a statement that would generally answer question about the company. Questions such as why was this business created? What type of company is this? What actually guides the business? The objectives: These refine the mission and address the key issues of the company. Goals: are defined as statements that are formulated and lack of specificity while objectives are likely to appear in exact form (Strategic Planning"). Goals statements compose of five elements: task, what, who, timeframe and deadline. These are rational estimates of anticipated results. The goals are usually Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding, and Timed (SMART).

Mission StatementWe will serve as a premier e-learning company by providing consumers with quality, affordable, and convenient learning as well as high-quality customer service.

Short-term objectives for one year using SMART: Simply/Specific-1. Who: students who needs the extra help in getting an education as well as obtaining their high school diploma. (Graduation will be provided)2. What: What do I want to accomplish? To be one of the quality e-learning companies.

3.Where: Identify a location. Location will be the anywhere as it will be provided through internet.

4.When: Establish a time frame, it will be within ten months.

5.Which: For e-learning.

6.Why: To make learning more affordable, interesting, and convenient.

7.Measurable - Launch within ten months and to achieve sales of 2.5m in one year.

8. Achievable- This has already test market in a higher education field where the responses are encouraging and thus we will be able to achieve the...