Dreamland - Chap 1.

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Jack stood alone not really concentrating on what had just happened. He hadn't realized that for a while now he had been playing with his fingers although having the faintest of feelings of somewhat being annoyed that the blood between them began to feel quite clammy, making it more difficult for them to move freely. But that didn't seem to bother Jack, for it would only be a matter of time until he would regain his composure. His thoughts though, were uncontrolled, he was thinking of everything and thinking of nothing at the same time. He couldn't move, his legs weren't registering. His mind wasn't registering. He knew that he shouldn't be standing in the room any longer than he should be, but the overwhelming desire to escape only grew to aggravation for some reason. Every second counted, he knew that, but he had to think. What just happened? Thinking to himself.

His fingers finally came to a rest. He could feel his heart wasn't aching as much as it did a few minutes before. His breathing wasn't as erratic. There was one thing that Jack seemed to think that happened only a few moments ago; he was certain that he had been speaking to someone. Someone that he felt he had an acquaintance with, but no one was with him in the room. Jack gazed about him, surveying his surroundings which only represented a ominous blur, but now starting to look more familiar as his vision came into focus. Flicking his eyelids as if something was obscuring his view finally made him focus on something in front of him. The curtains. The breeze coming in cooled the room as the sun shone through, drenching the floor with an eerie sparkling dance of light. "Where am I?" thought Jack. If...